Custom Job Name


I want to give an end user (on the web portal) the ability to enter a custom job name, so they can save their executed workflows with a better name, instead of the current name "workflow name plus execution time"...

How can I do that?

I know I can do it through the Knime Workbench, through the "Execute workflow on server" window in the "Custom job name" field, but my end users do not use the workbench...

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This is not possible in the WebPortal because usually WebPortal users don't save their workflows.

But they do see their previous executed workflows... but now they have a whole list and do not know with what variables the flow has been run; see screenshot...


It would be nice if they could give them a more descriptive name (or that the name changes depending on the flow variables)


I can file a feature requests but I cannot give any estimates when and if we will implement it.