Custom Logging with the Nodelogger on the Knime Server

Hello everybody,

I am using the excellent Jsnippet-nodelogger provided here: to log custom messages to the console.

This works great in general. Now, I would like to use this to print custom messages to the remotely executed workflows. However, the messages are not ending up in the execution messages (The ones that are in the notification email and can be inspected in the Server Explorer by right-clicking the executed workflow).

What am I doing wrong? When executed locally, the stream's custom messages end up correctly in the console. My test workflow prints one info, one warning, one error.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank in advance and cheers,


The server execution will only show warning (and error) messages on individual nodes not messages that are "just" logged. Since there can be many workflows running at the same time we don't know from which node/workflow a log message originates and therefore we cannot assign it to the corresponding notification email.

Hello Thor,

thanks for the swift reply.

Does that mean that when I would construct a custom node that throws warnings and errors as it's sole purpose, the resulting messages would show up in the notification email?

I think that such a node might be quite simple to implement, isn't it?

Cheers, Dennis

Yes, this would work. You can, however, only output/set a single warning (or error) message per node.