Custom modal dialogs


I am wondering is there a way to show custom modal dialogs? Like asking the user to input some text in the "Execute" method and storing this text into a table. Or drawing chemical structure(s) in the "Execute" rather than in the "Configure" step.

I was not able to emulate the nice modal behavior of the default "Configure" dialog - either the workflow is still edible or everything (including the new dialog) is blocked and I have to kill Knime manually. Sure I am doing something wrong with all this thread synchro and stuff, any help will be appreciated.


If you don't need access to the input data in your view/dialog, then KNIME's node dialog pane is your friend. Usually this component is used to enter node specific settings which are then used to configure the node and later to execute it. In your case, the dialog is used to enter the actual "data" which is forwarded during execute to the output of this node. For an example, how to implement this dialog see Note, we don't recommend to open any self-implemented views/dialogs at any place at any time except the ones registered with the KNIME framework, see class NodeFactory. please always use the KNIME specific classes NodeDialogPane and NodeView which both just provide the drawing area (content) and are embedded into a dialog/view later by KNIME. Hope this helps?
Regards, Thomas


I have my own "Save" button which does my own actions involving my own validation. If said validation fails I want to open a descriptive dialog displaying the "failure" text. You never answered the question of how to actually "open" a dialog? The link above is broken. My method is not called by any framework method, and so I can't just throw an exception with descriptive text and let the framework handle it - I need to either show a dialog myself or ask the framework to do it for me... Please describe in detail how this is accomplished?

Thank you very much,