Custom Node Dev. qestion

Custom Node development,

1.configuration appears after the indicator can not become yellow,

2.the official examples also suggest DoubleValue error. May I ask what is the solution?

Knime Eclipse SDK version:KNIME SDK 2.12.1

OS:Windows 10



You might want to check out the #configure method in this example. You can either return an array of DataTableSpec objects or throw an InvalidSettingsException. In the first case, the nodes turns yellow=configured in the latter red which means not-configured.

It can be said at the Node knime method call flow is kind of how it? From my open configure configuration (called saveSettingsTo method), then click ok observation debug output results, just call validateSettings, loadValidatedSettingsFrom these two methods. Why configure method does not call, so you say configure code problem, it seems to have come to this place yet. Please help under the guidance of, or can leave a mailbox? Facilitate communication. thank you very much!


Can the Node dragged workflow from the beginning, and has been finished to execute all the methods described under process a call? (Official of the order is correct https:? // Thanks!


PS:My code is code that Eclipse created automatically, and not altered, but added system.out.print output debug log only.

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I tried a lot of ways they can not make Node node becomes yellow, unless super (0,1) define the input port 0 can default to yellow, but it can not solve real problems, then I think that this method does not perform configur because the input port configuration problems arising, but how to define the input port is correct? This problem has spent two days time, the official Developer Guide also seen, does not solve the problem, please help under detailed answers. thank you very much!

You say "can not make Node node becomes yellow, unless super (0,1) define the input port 0 can default to yellow" -- in other cases, where you specify input ports, like super(1,1) in the NodeModel's constructor, the InputPort is required, that means the node's traffic lights will not become yellow until you connect the input port.

As an addition: There is an optional flag for input ports; in this case, the node can be executed although an optional input port is not connected. You can create such nodes using the more sophisticated NodeModel(PortType[], PortType[]) constructor.

Hope that helps.


thankyou,verymuch! This problem has been resolved!