Custom Python Node

I have created a Python Custom Node and works really well. Can you create a custom node that does not require an input table (or any input)? I am creating a node that just log into a portal and pass on a token.

Hi @vanzylkruger,
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Yes, that works. Just remove all input port decorators and adapt the parameters of the configure and execute methods (You don’t even need an output port).


    name="No Port Python Node",
class NoPortNode:
    """No port node

    def configure(self, config_ctx):

    def execute(self, exec_context):
        exec_context.flow_variables["foo"] = "bar"

Thanks, that worked great. Is there only two types of @knext outputs e.g., binary and table. I need to pass a cookie onto the following node. Do I convert the cookie to a binary object and then the reverse when I use it.

Hi @vanzylkruger,
Yes. There are only table ports and binary ports for now. Therefore, you need to serialize everything that isn’t a table to a binary blob.

With the next release of KNIME AP, we will add API to define your custom port types. Stay tuned for that.

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