Custom Sort on a Single Column

Hi, I would like to sort a column in my table with the name of months in a specific order (i.e., Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec) so that on a bar chart the month of August is first followed by the rest.

Any idea how I can do this?

Hi @SarahR & welcome to the KNIME forum community,

There are several ways of achieving this, for instance either with a string manipulation or by transforming the strings (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, etc.) into proper dates.

Could you please copy & paste here in text format a bit of your data so that we can take the problem from there and help you better ? Another way is to provide us with your data in Excel format. Thanks in advance.



You can use the Rule Engine node.
$Month$ = “Jan” => 1

$Month$ = “Dec” => 12

Then sort on the new numerical column.

Extracting the Date / Month Number with the Node or use a mapping table similar to suggested

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