Customization Profile - custom settings


I am trying to set a JDBC database driver’s custom settings. I am trying to use
but the settings doesn’t seem to take effect.
We are using profiles for our KNIME server and would like to set some of the advance settings via the preferences.


Can you verify that the profileLocation and profileList directives are being sent to the executor via either
a) environment variables in systemd/service startup scripts [1]; or
b) directives added to knime.ini [2] above the vmargs line (Important!)

If the directives are being sent to the executor, look in the executor-workspace (usually in c:\knime\executor-workspace on windows, or ~knime/executor-workspace on linux) under executor-workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.knime.product to see if there is a profiles directory, and if the combined-preferences.epf has anything in it (ideally, the preferences you’re trying to set up/pass in.)

if it does not, try restarting the executor and checking again.
if it does, then it should be good; test your workflow once more.

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[1] Environment=‘KNIME_EXECUTOR_PROFILES=-profileLocation -profileList executor’

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