Customized node with external jar file cannot deploy on Knime

I have a customized node with two external .jar files : json.jar and jdatepicker.jar

I also followed the steps in FAQ ( How do I include and use external Java libraries in my new KNIME plugin?) and edited the MANIFEST.MF file successfully. After i exported my node as the plugin, i checked the 2 jar files were included in my node.

When i put my node into the knime’s dropins folder, i got the error message:

ERROR RepositoryManager
Node org.eod.QuandlEODNodeFactory’ from plugin ‘org.eod’ could not be created: Can’t load factory class for node: org.eod.QuandlEODNodeFactory
The corresponding plugin bundle could not be activated!

Did i miss something? do i need to modify the MANIFEST.MF file in knime as well ?

Have you taken a look at the KNIME log? Usually there are more detailed error messages available. I can not recommend adding custom nodes to via the drop-in folder, instead you should create a feature project, export that as in update site and install from there.
Probably the easiest way for you is to use the following community project to do this via maven:


i check the Knime log, it gave me this:

It looks like something is odd with your classpath or runtime dependencies. Can you share the code of these nodes with us? Then I could take a look at it and might be able to identify issues with the project setup.


Couple of things to try checking based on past experience:

  • Are your external jars on the classpath?
  • Is the folder containing them (e.g. /lib) included in the binary build?
  • Is the no-argument constructor of the NodeFactory class public?


Try this.

  1. In the project MANIFEST.MF enter the Runtime.
  2. Add the external jar file you want to use to the Classpath.


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