CV builder based on LinkedIn profile

Hi everyone,

Here I want to share a workflow which builds a complete CV based on your LinkedIn profile information using BIRT in KNIME.

The workflow is available at my public NodePit Space.

You have to to follow these steps:
1- Download your LinkedIn data (Complete version with endorsements). Rename the folder to “LinkedInDataExport” and place it in the “data” folder under the workflow directory. If you move the folder to the right directory you need to replace the current folder which contains the example data.
2- Edit some of the downloaded files:

  • In Education.csv file, you need to add a new column named “Field of study” right after the “Degree Name” column and add your field of study to each record.
  • You may need to edit some information in the files but do not change the structure or if you do, you would need to modify the workflow as well.

3- Inside the “data” folder under workflow directory replace the current “personal_photo.png” with your profile image which should have the same file name (personal_photo.png) and equal dimensions or you need to edit the image section in BIRT.
4- Edit your phone number in the configuration window of the “String Input” node in the Profile metanode.
5- Execute and save the workflow.
6- Go to BIRT, modify any section you want and export your CV.

Here is an example CV (contains fake information) which is build using this workflow (converted from pdf to png):



Hey @armingrudd -

This is pretty cool! I wanted to ask, are you writing a blog post about it for Statinfer?

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Hey @ScottF,

Actually I was going to do so but then I changed my mind since I found it hard to describe all the BIRT configurations in a blog post. What’s your idea?

I didn’t have a specific idea, I was just curious. Having written one of our HOWTO docs about generating BIRT reports, I agree - there’s a lot of ground to cover with respect to BIRT’s config options. It could be challenging to write such a blog post succinctly.

Your BIRT resume looks very neat and clean. I need to play around with your workflow and see exactly how you did it. :slight_smile:

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Well, I think your comment here was enough to make me start writing a blog post for BIRT. Thank you.
It will be ready soon.


Wow @armingrudd

This is quite impressive. As diving deeper into BIRT was always on my KNIME to do list, I would really appreciate another of your great blog posts around this topic.


Hi @armingrudd - would you be interested in writing this article for the KNIME Blog? Let me know what you think!


Hi @heather.fyson,

That will be great. Of course I’m interested in writing for the KNIME Blog.


That would be really nice then :slight_smile: Let’s email about it shall we? Could you send me your email address - to

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Sure. It’s done.

The blog posts for the CV builder are online:

How to build your CV with the CV builder:
Build your CV based on LinkedIn profile with BIRT in KNIME

How to build the CV builder itself:
Building a CV Builder with BIRT in KNIME – Part 1
Building a CV Builder with BIRT in KNIME – Part 2

Many Thanks to @heather.fyson , @vijayv2k and @ScottF.



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