cyclic query . using loop?

Hi all, i’m a beginer of Knime. and i’m stucking in a problem of cyclic query…

it’s a cyclic search function. data table got 2 columns, one is original code , 2nd is next version of code.
As result, i need to find the final version …

stuck point:

  1. how to use recursive loop and joiner
  2. how to find the last version code

    Test.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Hello @RubyWu,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Here is an example of a Cell Replacer node within Recursive loop to solve same issue as you have:

You’ll just have to put original code where there is no code. (A02, B04)



Thanks Ivan!

i used this expamle and solved problem with a little more nodes due to the value in may not included in

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