D-Tale Python Package

Why does the code work when I run the execute script in the configuration, but when I close the configuration and execute the node, it does not execute the script correctly?

@Water_Tigermex welcome to the KNIME forum. Could you provide us with more details. Maybe the error message or a log of if possible the actual code and workflow maybe with sample data that would not spell any secrets.


There is no error message in the console. It opens the Google search engine, and I get this site cannot be reached
When I have it open and hit the execute button inside, I get this in the search engine
Here is my setup:

@Water_Tigermex ok I should have googled the Python package mentioned. D-Tale seems to be meant to run in a jupyter notebook.

Question is what you want to do in the notebook and what the interaction with knime is? Knime can (selectively) call Jupyter notebooks like this.


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