d3.js Workflows with Generic Javascript View / configuring data providers for tree and graph layouts

Greetings all,

It seems there is very little documentation related to the use of the Generic Javascript View for creating d3.js views, in particular for graph and tree layouts via JSON data sources.  There's a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRXrWZXeRE0) that gives some example of the capability but I can not find the source workflow.

Does anyone have any experience configuring graph or tree workflows with d3?  Would be grateful if anyone can lend some advice for basic configurations which would give me enough to understand how to configure data providers other than by knimeDataTable, e.g. reading json file to render d3 tree layout, configuring data providers for graph, etc.

Forgive me if this is trivial - very new to Knime.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and any examples you can share,


Hello JB,

There is an articel currently being written. It will demonstrate how to use all these things and give an example to make the first steps easier. Stay tuned, it'll be published soon on our blog.


Is there any blog related to D3 in KNIME. I was unable to find it.

Can you tell me if its there.


Hello Aditi,

The article is not yet written but will soon be published. Stay tuned.


Hi, I too would be interested to see a blog post about d3.js+KNIME




a blog post about bringing a basic D3 example into KNIME was published recently.

See https://www.knime.org/blog/from-d3-example-to-interactive-knime-view-in-10-minutes