Dashboard via Component on WebPortal

This workflow shows how to create metanode for wrapping data preparation nodes and how to visualize data with component sharable via the WebPortal Steps: Create a dashboard showing: - scatter plot depicting relation between sepal length and sepal width - scatter plot depicting relation between petal length and petal width - interactive table - add interactive range slider filter - add interactive nominal filter Dashboard will have filtering options and assigned colors based on the Iris class (OPTIONAL Additional Tasks) Add output to Component for Saving Selection: Right Click on Component : Component > Setup > Add Data output Inside the Component: Connect output Table View to a Row FIlter which filters rows with "true" in "Selected (JavaScript Table View)" column. Then Connect Row Filter output to Component Output Outside the Component: Open Interactive View, Select data points via either Scatter Plot or Table View. Select in bottom right corner "Apply" then "Close". The Component should rexecute and output only what you selected.

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