Data addition on frequent interval


I have created a detailed workflow for my project. It takes the input, process it and writes the output as I intended.

I get this data monthly and I have to append the data. So, I keep historic data as well.

Now, I wanna avoid opening the wrflw monthly and run it with new data and using few more nodes for appending data. Because, I feel there is an efficient way (make use of flow variable or something).

So, I need suggestions on how to efficiently change my workflow to accommodate the above need and is there any single node for appending data in to one single sheet? (I tried Excel Appender, this appends in different sheet)

Appreciate your effort. Thanks.

Hello @Braveen,

currently there is no way to append data to existing Excel file within KNIME native nodes. See here for more: Append data at the bottom (last row) of a excel file

Additionally have added +1 on existing ticket (Internal reference: AP-14911) to have this option.



One way could be to append the data to an existing CSV file and use this CSV file as a source for a (Power) Query in Excel providing the data.

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Hi @Braveen,

what prefents you to load the excel file as well an append the data within the knime worflow using the concatenate node and write it back to the same excel file having the same sheet name (overwrite it)?


Nothing is stopping. Was wondering, is there a way to do it better way?

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Having the previous data inside the workflow gives you more options for e.g. prevention of dealing with duplicates. If your data collection is straight forward and you hasn’t to consider that parts of your previous processed data can’t be included in your ‘new’ data. If so, then congratulations.

I often have this issue of duplicate or modified information and therefore the analysis has to be done from start again.


I don’t have to worry about duplication. In fact, since I asked, I got to know about the Python Script node.

I don’t understand this. Can you explain it a bit?

If you just want to append data to an existing table the CSV writer would just do that (if the data has the same structure) - as would any database.

And if you want this data to be used in an Excel file (maybe for graphics or Pivot tables) you could use Power query.

if you do not want to open the KNIME workflow you could use batch mode (or the KNIME server :slight_smile: ).

But maybe you could explain in more detail what you want to do and where your problem lies.

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