data app using html-capture for direct upload of smartphone photos

I want to create a data app that allows a user with a smartphones web browser logged in the KNIME server to directly take photos and use it in the data app.
HTML provides a nice input type that all smartphone web browser support where the user can touch the button and directly takes a photo using:
<input type="file" name="picture" accept="image/*" capture="user" />“

How can I use this in a KNIME server data app? How can I use “custom” HTML widget if there is no default node within KNIME?

Hey @spider,

you can use the Generic JavaScript View node if you want to create something on your own. But you can also use the File Upload Widget. Once this is pressed on a mobile device you can select the camera app to take a photo and upload it. Afterwards you can then process the image as you like. See the attached workflow for an example.

MobileImageTest.knwf (20.4 KB)

Hope this gives you an idea,

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