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Hello everyone,
I would like to share a issue. My excel file is in Shared folder. Lots of people update data into this excel file. But when I am analyzing this excel file through KNIME, the data is not updating automatically. Even though execute option is not also visible because the file name remain same. Everyone just enter the data in the excel file. In this case, is there any node for auto refreshing or any other solution?


My understanding is that the Excel Reader node will need to be reset, then re-executed for new data in the file to be read. It may be helpful to learn a little more about your specific workflow… You may be able to create some sort of combination with a loop or the ‘wait…’ node to automatically refresh the Excel Reader, but without more detail, I cannot say for certain.


Currently, I am working resetting the node. But I think KNIME should have some feasible solution for this. Anyway thank you for your suggestion. I will try to find out some way using loop or wait node.

Well, it kind of works the same way for all the nodes…

A green state node is never going to show “refreshed” data. Think of it as data that has been compiled. If the data has changed, you have to “re-compile” the data to see the refreshed data. That is why downstream nodes get rest when a node is changed. Knime knows that the original data is no longer valid, and the downstream nodes will need to be re-excuted.

Of course, Knime cannot know if a file was changed, or data that was read from a db table was changed as it is not constantly checking for that. So, if you know that the data has been changed, be it reading from a file (csv, txt, Excel, etc) or from a db table, you have to manually reset and re-run the node.

Similarly if you ran a query, and data is updated after you ran the query, your original results will not change, unless you re-run your query.

But to @Snowy 's point, we need to learn more about your use case scenario.

Are you running this workflow via a scheduler, and you expect the workflow to read the refreshed data? Or are you running the workflow manually, but workflow is saved with the Excel data already read previously?

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