Data Blending with Spark

Hi Guys
Can anyone help me with the project files that were used in the video ellaborating how to blend data using spark with example of the Irish meter data? The video link is . The relevant discussion started in this link
I’d like to use that as a starting point to predict our sales that is made by our networked outlets.


Hi @anisulislam,

take a look into the KNIME hub. Here you will find some workflows with Spark, e.g. the Local_Big_Data_Irish_Meter Workflow.


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Hi Andrew
Thanks for the suggestion but I have already been studying that and 004005_Energy_Prepare_Data (Big Data) as well. The reason for me to ask for the other bit is to test things much larger on Cloudera VM. For clarification, I am attaching the snapshot of the project file details as it is in the video.

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