Data capture from one of the private Big Commerce URL(https) to export it into excel


I’m very new to use Knime Analytics Platform. Require anyone’s help to share me the workflow pipeline in Knime that captures data dynamically (date range changes as per demand) from one of the private and secure Big Commerce URL and allows it to export to .XLS/.CSV file.

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First of all: Welcome to the world of KNIME.

There is a multitude of examples available demonstratating how read webpages and extract data from them.
Maybe you have a look at

If you share some more details (e.g. the webpage and what data you would like to read) the community might give you some more specific hints.

What’s the reason to put the data into xls files?
For purposes like data storage or visualisation you could also make use of KNIME and it’s power tool landscape.


Thank you for your inputs. There is a BigCommerce (https URL) and it contains specific dimensions categorised as Orders, Customers, Stores, etc . By manual process , we go to Orders section and from there we try to export CSV data after applying custom date range filter as per business needs . This data is intended to be sent to PowerBI for further visualization.

Finally , I require this process to be developed as a workflow in Knime which will avoid manual process right from going to URL------>Selecting Orders-----> Custom Data Range Filter Application . Thus by running this Knime workflow, we should have .XLS file generated and that will be used for PowerBI visualization. Anyone please share me this workflow.


Hello @SantoshTV

Don’t think someone can and will share a workflow you can just take and use in this case. However you can search KNIME Hub for similar examples and start building your pipeline like that. Also you might be able to use GET Request node to fetch data if REST API is available on your source.

You can also use KNIME Power BI Integration extension to send data into Power BI.

Welcome to KNIME Community!



Hi @SantoshTV , and welcome to the Knime Community. Can you show us what you have attempted so far, that can help us point you to the right direction?

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