Data checker - mechanism

Hello guys,

I need help with one thing. To make long story short, I have “stage” database from which Im loading data to DW, but the problem is - I need to check data by date before insert to my DW.

Example. In DW I have doc data with date 17.03.2018, and now I need to insert data from source database with doc date on 18.03.2018 to DW.

The table have information about products that has been sold. Every sold product/s generate sale document that have creation date and I need to insert every new row from source/stare database to data warehouse.

Could you help me with this matter?

Sorry for my english.

Hi theTigger,

Could you please provide a little bit more info on the use case?
Did you access to the data within KNIME Analytics Platform from your DB? Would you like to perform any in-database processing using KNIME Analytics Platform? Are you looking for a way to change the dates in your tables?



Sorry for late reply. Ive managed to made mechanism.
First node is taking last max date from sales document (in DW), then im changing column to variable. After that, im reading data from source database, but there is line in querry:
where n.Data < getdate()
and n.Data > ‘$${SRow0}$$’
When reader done his work, I get wanted records and then its been saved in DW.

Its looks like that:

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