Data Cleaning

Hi all, I am new to KNIME and would like to ask a question in regards to data cleaning.

I manage to clean from the raw data up to this point. (refer image)

The issue is I want to create a new column (left side of Program Name) titled RK Centres with the respective name.

How do I extract the kindergarten name (from New Column) as well as removing the first 3 code name… so from JSI - REAL Kids Setia Indah to only REAL Kids Setia Indah.

There are 40 different kindergartens centre.

I will explain in further if it is confusing… Thank you in advance.

Hi @aidel_realkids ,

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I can’t see wha’t inside the first column, so I can give it a try but not sure if it will work fow every row. If your rows are like the example you provided, use a cell splitter node.

Insert the delimiter (“-”, in this case) and you should be ok.
The output is the part of column on the left of the “-” and the helf on the right.

If not working, please send data so I can understand how to solve the problem :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri



Thank you for your kind help and prompt response. I manage to clean the data exactly like how I wanted it as below.

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Is the RK center the same throughout the column?

Share some data of your workflow, so we will split into your desired output?

RK Centre is not the same.

But it is okay since I managed to clean up the raw data into Table Form.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

@aidel_realkids share the sample dataset, it may help to solve the problem.