Data condition when extracting excel


I’m creating a report which has a specific condition. See below:

I wanted to create an addition to my workflow where as when there are specific values in Vantage column, I need add more columns or nodes if none, it’s time to extract it as excel.

Here in this column i have 2 values, AWA and AWC. If all of this are AWC, i’m good to extract it as excel, if no, I need

Hi @mjbasa

Your post is cut-off since you ended with I need but I think in which direction you are going. You can do this in several ways. Below is one of them:

To evaluate whether Vantage is only AWC or not, you can opt for a groupBy node with the aggregation on unique concatenate.

That way you’ll see that currently you have AWA and AWC as unique values. In case it’s only the latter, then the output of this would be “AWC” of course.

With a Rule Engine, you can evaluate this and assign a direction to it (used later).

$Vantage$ = "AWC" => "top"
TRUE => "bottom"

Convert this output to a variable, feed it to the If-Switch node (use a Case Switch in case you have more than two directions to account for) and make the port selection variable controlled.

Based on the value that was determined before, the switch will direct the data either to top or bottom.

Given this example:


The unique concat is AWA, AWC which accordingly to the rule engine is bottom, so the lower port is activated.


Given this example:


The unique concat is AWC which accordingly to the rule engine is top, so the upper port is activated.


You can add the additional steps as per your use case :slight_smile:

See WF:
Data condition when extracting excel.knwf (28.6 KB)

Hope this helps!

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