Data Connect: North America - February 23, 2022

Data Connect: North America has happened on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Join us to take part in a learnathon about data blending, machine learning, and model deployment using KNIME based on three groups: one group working on ETL, one group on machine learning, and one group on deployment.

At the end, we will open up the virtual event area - in the form of a beach! - for you to meet other attendees and KNIMErs, and discuss. Let’s talk about your data science best practices, the tools you’re using, your research focus… Bring your topics to the beach!

We welcome new and expert KNIME users, developers, educators, and researchers to this event!

Hi Everyone, feel free to post suggestions or questions about any of the groups. If you would like to see the sessions again here are the links from an event we recorded:

Thanks everyone and hope to see you at the next Data Connect!