Data Connect: North America- June 1, 2022

Data Connect: North America is happening on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

In this Data Connect, we’ll deal with data parsing from contract PDFs to find those with errors or potential fraud. In this 1 hour presentation, @johnvemery (Principal Consultant at Tessellation) will present how to extract data from PDFs using the KNIME Analytics Platform. Then @victor_palacios (KNIME Team Member), will examine the extracted data to isolate suspicious PDFs using 3 outlier detection techniques in the KNIME Analytics Platform. Our special MC for the event will be Nick Rivera (Business Analyst at EMR). Meet all the data wizards in the 1 hour networking event immediately following the presentation! During our 1 hour networking time, we’ll also be hosting a 30 minute Beginner’s Corner where new KNIME users can learn about our Beginner’s Space - a collection of workflows for neophytes! As well, we’ll talk about our Just KNIME It! challenges which we post and create each week and other KNIME resources.


Here’s the link to the event:


Good luck @victor_palacios for your presentation :slight_smile:

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Thank you! @bruno29a

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