Data Explorer node not available post installing Java script extension in KNIME

Hi All,

I have installed latest KNIME version in my MacBook (M2 chip) along with the extensions [Java script is also installed].But i am unable to call out the Data Explorer node/data explorer node is not visible, remaining all other nodes are available. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the KNIME & extensions couple of times but still the issue remains same.

Need quick help.


@shru have you explicitly installed this extension:

Yes, i have installed the extension.

Maybe share a screenshot of a workflow so that we can see whether you mean with all other nodes the nodes of the JavaScript Views extension or just nodes in general, share the knime log


Hi Steffen,

Sharing the screenshot of the extensions & node repository.

Thanks, does that mean now that all other nodes except the Data Explorer node are available from that extension or not? And what about the KNIME log?


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