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I have a doubt. So I have built a workflow which connects to SQL Server. The problem is I need the output to be in a CSV or Excel format, so that I will be able to integrate a rule engine, but I am not able to do that because of the different connectors (Dark Red, Red, Triangle). I there a work around for this. I have attached the screenshot of my workflow for your reference. It would be awesome if someone could help out.

Hello Parthak,

It appears that you need to convert your workflow data from an SQL Modules to a Knime Module to be able to Export as a .cvs or .xls.
I would recommend using the “DB Reader” Module.
This will convert the red square to a black triangle for you.


just some extra information: the light red square is a database connection, holding just the information how to connect to the database. The dark red square is a SQL query in a database, specifying which data to retrieve and which transformations to do in the database before actually loading the data into KNIME. The DB Reader @SpragueAMD_19 suggested takes the SQL query, executes it on the database and loads the data into KNIME. The black triangle represents that local data. If you want to save the result of your query into another table in the database, you don’t even have to go into “KNIME world” with the data. You can use the DB Connection Table Writer to create the table directly in the database.
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