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Hello :slight_smile:
I have two format date in my table. first “YYYY-MM-DD” and second “DD-MM-YYYY”, is there any option to replace second format to “YYYY-MM-DD”? :smiley:

Hi @pjacob,

is there any indication in your table what format is used?
For many dates this cannot be guessed e.g.
or 03.02.2021

Hi @AnotherFraudUser actually i have string format but when I tried to convert by “string to date&time” node display error because i have diffrent data format

Hi there @pjacob,

you can split your data using Rule-based Row Splitter node into two data sets based on format date and then for each apply appropriate String to Date&Time node. After them use Concatenate.

Also check here for more ideas:



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