Data in Excel - Into Word/PDF


I have some data in Knime that I would like to be able to add into some standard forms that I produce each month.

Is this possible?

As for Word, it has Mail Merge tool where you can fill data from Excel to the Word fields and later you can print them in PDF.

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I think this is as your name implies are RPA topic and not a KNIME one so (as far as I know) that should be rather done in RPA software

In theory, yes this can be done in an automated way. knime would output excel source files into a standardized monthly output directory; a centralized excel file can source files from an output directory with refresh on open (some basic vb). you would overwrite the standardized monthly outputs using knime; the centralized excel file would be the same, it would dynamically reference the files in output directory; ive used knime /excel for this and it works great; there are probably ways to standardize the form more - either in knime or via microsoft access


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