Data Mapping & Data Transformation

Hello All,

I am new to using KNIME, went thorugh the basic stufss and i can do the basic operations using KNIME.

I am working on Data Migration of Engineering system from one application to another application, planning to use KNIME to perform Data Mapping and Data Transofmration.

I have excel sheet like below with different Types and attributes, and then i have 2 other excel sheets , 1st excel has like of columns that are not required to be migrated for each type, ( so i need to delete them from my first sheet)
2nd excel will have mapping for Types and attributes, for the types, the row values has to be changed based on the mapping sheet and for attributes column headers has to be changed based on the mapping file.

Sample Input File:

Any guidence will be much appreciated.


Welcome to the Forum. Your description is pretty unclear. You say you have three Excel files but you only show a screenshot of a single input file. You also mention a “mapping sheet” and “mapping file.” Are these the result of joining the original excel files? If you could provide some sample data and a manually created output you’re more likely to get some help.

Hello All,

Continuation from above post.

Apologies, modified the input files now, i have multiple input files like AAP.xls,Issue.xls,Document.xls. Each file will have differnt attribute columns and values in each row.
I need to refer two other excel files to transform the input files, 1st file is Attribute_Not_required.xls which will have list of attributes to be deleted from the input files and my 2nd file is Attribute_Mapping.xls where the it will have list of old attribute name and corresponding new attribute name , and this new attribute name has to be updated in the output file.

Input files -


Attribute_Not_required.xls & Attriubte_Mapping.xls will look like below

OutFile Expected


Thanks in Advance

Thanks for your reply, i have updated with more details now.

Uploaded data rather than screenshots are much easier to work with. Screenshots force potential helpers to manually enter your data which most of us won’t do.

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AAP.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Attribute_Mapping.xlsx (9.1 KB)
Attribute_Not_Required.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Issue.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Transformed_AAP.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Transformed_Issue.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Attached the sample Input and outfiles.
Output files required - Transformed_AAP.xlsx and Transformed_Issue.xlsx

Brute force but simple approach. Add Excel Writer nodes pointed to where you want to store.

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