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I need your help about a data mining project, I have a set of data about telecommunication customers like age, adresse, city, emails, name of service/offer that they are using, their sale points, and in the oder side their consumption (number of calls by month, duration of calls, number of sms, number of data consumption …etc)
What I want to do is to apply some Correspondence analysis, and analyse this data to compute indicators so as reduce dimensions , and the purpose is to have groups of customers with commun criteria (segmentation)

could you please help me to that some of that with knime, or some older projects with the same contexe

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Hi @Abdessamad7,

your use case sounds very interesting. There are several resources that can be helpful:

Let us know if you have question to those. And if you can share some of the data, feel encouraged to share the workflow together with the data to run it on the Hub.

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Thanks a lot @lisovyi for this ressources I will check it and come back to you !

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