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Dear Community,
I am trying to work on the data model on Knime I transform all the data but in end, I create a schema in Knime, is this possible to create a schema of one to one in Knime and link fact tables dimensions table.


Hi @aghabdurauf,

not sure if I understand your problem… :thinking:
If you create a db connection to your database in KNIME you will have access to your dimension and fact table (and can just join them through sql)
Else you can read in the tables you need and use the joiner node in knime to connect these tables

Can you maybe clarify or give an example of what you indend to do?

I need this end result in Knime. @AnotherFraudUser

@AnotherFraudUser Joiner Node is not giving appropriate result.

Hi @aghabdurauf,

so you want to import different files to this schema? Or Import Files and create this schema?
Then it depends on how your input data is structured :thinking:

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Hi there @aghabdurauf,

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If I got you right you want to create relations between data tables in KNIME? If so that is not possible with KNIME. What you can use KNIME for in your case is to transform (as you already did) and transfer data to database.


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