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Hi guys,

There is a situation and i need your help.

I have a workflow with seven “Data Reader” nodes that does a simple select on a salesforce database. The connection established to do these selects are made by the same user/password in all the nodes.

When I execute them individually, everything works fine. However when I execute all of them at the same time, there is always some strange error. I saw in another topic of this forum that when you connect with the salesforce, it has some kind of limitation.

Would you guys know, if there is a way to close the database connection in the workflow?if yes, is there any node or configuration that can be done??

Two Examples of errors are:

  • “Execute failed: (“bqc”): null”.
  • “Execute failed: The attribute objectname is required by RSBOperation.”

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Gabriel Sakai


knime adding value to decimal

Can you clarify a few things so we can try and figure out why you are running into these issues.

  1. Which data reader node are you using to connect SFDC? Since SFDC is SaaS platform you would either need to you our REST nodes, Our Database nodes plus a driver like DataDirect (license by Progress) that supports SFDC, or some custom nodes.
  2. You have dataflow-actian tagged on the post, are you using their nodes and dataflow?
  3. Can you set your logging with your KNIME preference to DEBUG, try again to run the workflow, and then attach those logs?
  4. Could you create a simplified workflow, or provide yours without and userid or passwords?


Hello @jeffgullick-knime ,

So I did a workaround that worked, which was changing the workflow and using “database table connector node -> data base connection table reader node” and not only database reader node.

The only thing that I need to know is:
If I ran the query below in both nodes, is the result will be the same?

select * from table

Thanks for replying me.

Kind regards,
Gabriel Sakai



The queries will return the same data. Our database nodes with dark red connector/ports will push the SQL down (up in SFDC database). They are designed to visually construct the SQL statement, and push the processing to the database. As son as the output port is the black arrow, then data will be pull out of the database/application and into KNIME’s processing space.

Our nodes try to produce database specific/complaint syntax, but SFDC is not part of that list, so you’ll need to hand write your SOSL or SOQL queries.

It’s a little long, but this YouTube video describes how database nodes very well.

Using workflow creditials could also reduce the amount of time you have to write credentials.



Hope this will help you