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Hello community,

I already asked a problem similar to the one I’m about to submit to you. The picture above is a diagram that represents rates (that I calculated before) spread over the French territory according to the DEX (kind of departments). Today I would like to represent these same rates not on a diagram but on a map. So I want to make a cartographic representation.

How can I create these departments on KNIME?

Thank you in advance.


Aside the ideas given in Help: Data Vizualisation, Cartographic results there is a multitude of other concept to solve your requirements:

  • uMap is offering such a solution for public or restricted access using e.g. uploaded data tables from the KNIME workflow
  • Depending on the complexity of the data you might host your own webpages and populate them with the output of the KNIME workflow

Unfortunately you did only show some data. If you could share your ideas and wishes for the visualisation of tha data it will for sure be easier to help you with fitting ideas.

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Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean ! what can i do to make it easier to understand? i can show you the other diagram data_report_Brenda.1.xlsx (402.9 KB)

My aim is to build and delimit on a map the DEX (this is a business construction that does not exist and that I will have to create because it is different from the map of FRANCE)

See the document below.CARTO_DEX.docx (565.3 KB)

I therefore want to chart its rates on this map by representing the differences in rates with colour gradients.

Thank Yo for taking the time to help me.