Data Science Knowledge To Go

If you want to become a Data Scientist, there is obviously a lot to learn. But sometimes, between work and other duties, there is not much time left.

Can you relate?

Then this might be helpful for you:
Our video series “Data Science Pronto!” on YouTube explains various data science concepts in under 3 minutes! :zap:

:bulb: For example, in this video my colleague @emilio_s explains what a Convolutional Neural Network is:
:arrow_right: Data Science Pronto! - What are Convolutional Neural Networks? - YouTube

But there are more videos, explaining general concepts like
:arrow_forward: “What is Overfitting?”
:arrow_forward: “What is Backpropagation?”
:arrow_forward: “What is Feature Scaling?”
… and many more :exploding_head:

:tv: Check out the full playlist on our KNIMETV YouTube Channel
:arrow_right: Data Science Pronto! - YouTube


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