Data Science Methodology Map/Framework

As I started to learn about Data Science and the seemingly endless sea of algorithms… I felt a need to try to organize my intake of all this knowledge or I would be overwhelmed. Building on a number of resources I created this shared spreadsheet that maps the business problem and the method/technique/algorithm to use.

Blog Post about what this Framework is and how to use it:

Methodology Framework: Data Science Method Framework - Google Tabellen

Please help update and improve it. One of the first things it needs are a list of KNIME Node for each Method and more helpful text about the methods and notes about them. Hope this is helpful to you and you are able to add to it to help others on this journey.


Hallo @DemandEngineer,

Thanks for sharing your overview. It is really good and probably very helpful for other data scientists. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I never know if what I pour time into will be useful for others. Please help share it with others if it is useful and I will continue to put time into updating it.

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This is a fantastic initiative. I am very keen to see the next version with the table more advanced. The challenge you have observed is spot-on. Thanks, Ben

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Thanks @ben_westphal for the encouragement. Hope you can help update as well. Let’s crowd source this!

Update: another user translated the sheet to Chinese. Keeping in-synch might be a challenge but love that we are crowd-sourcing the update internationally.

Hello @DemandEngineer,

That’s some heavy stuff you got us here. Many thanks for sharing and congrats for this great work.

Best Regards,

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Thanks so much for the encouragement…

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