Data sorting

Hi good evening from my side! I am still very new to knime and my data logic is very basic as well.

I would like to ask how can I combine File A and B to get a total of FC=6?

Output 1 shows the total FC=12, output 2 total FC =6 but it is NOT what I want because I want customer to remain in one column only

Is there any idea on how I can rearrange the data? the goal is to get total FC=6 in one column and customer in one column only

I would like to have a screen shot on excel first to visualize the data more easily and only do it in knime…

Any screen shots are much appreciated, sorry I cannot access any knime workflow from my side so please upload screen shots instead. And also I do not have column expression node for now hence I think its best for me to avoid column expression node until i get it installed.

Do provide a more detailed explaination if possible because I am still very new to knime

Thank you in advanced :smile:

Hi not sure if I can follow you but it looks like the joiner node can help you accomplish your first output this. Output 2 looks like pivoting node as a first glance

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