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Hello, good afternoon, I present the following case:

In the workflow using the “table creator” node, I copy and paste records from a book as shown in the image.

What I need is to create two columns, the first with string data and the other column with numeric data. Image of the correct format is attached

Can you elaborate more on your desired logic?

How do you go from AL 1176 to AL 15? From AK 191 to AK 6, etc.
How does DC have count 1 when it’s not in your input?


The second image is an example of another case, it has no relation to the first image.

What I’m looking for is that it stays with the same data structure as the second image

attached flow
Ejercicio 1.51.knwf (7,9 KB)

I see now :slight_smile: You can approach this in multiple ways. One way is through regex extraction by using the associated Regex Extractor node (Regex Extractor — NodePit).

Since the data pattern is the same, you can capture it with [A-Z]+[ ][0-9]+

See WF:
Ejercicio 1.51 regex extractor.knwf (26.4 KB)


Hello @Pedro87
I couldn’t be as fast as @ArjenEX :tophat: . You can use:

  1. String Manipulation node:
regexReplace($column1$, "(.*?\\d+(\\s+))", "$1;")
  1. Cell Splitter:
    Delimiter == ;

  2. Unpivot Column Arrays

  3. Regex Split




Thank you very much @ArjenEX for the help, have an excellent end of the week

I cannot find the node that was used, I looked for it in the repository without success, from what I understand it is deprecated and I don’t know where to look for it or what would be its replacement, do you know how to install it?

Thank you very much @gonhaddock for the help, have a great end of the week

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