"Data to Report" hidden in metanode not visible in Data Explorer


I don't know if this is a bug or a feature. I have several "Data to Report" in my workflow. Some are "collapsed" into metanodes. And those latter are not visible in the Data Explorer.

To use them in report I have to connect them outside the metanode.


Is there any simpler solution/workaround for this problem?


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This feature is currently not implemented. The solution is to leave the "Data to Report" and "Image to Report" nodes inside the parent workflow and don't collapse them together into the meta-node.

This has been an issue raised along time ago. Its sometimes not practical to have the node out of a metanode.

Is there any reason why this cannot be easily remedied ?



Thanks for the answer, gabriel. I also agree with Simon it would be nice if this could be implemented.

Hi Simon, Hi Filip,

We'd like to not change the current behavior as another feature request is to define reports based on a meta node level. If we now also allow Data to Report nodes hidden in meta nodes we will have problems retaining backward compatibility in future versions.


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