Data to report node/ Birt-Fuction /write relativ to current mountpoint

Hey Knime Community,
I am quiet new in kniming :slight_smile: but have already created a good workflow. Now I have designed my report as a pdf with the data to report node /Birt. Does anyone know if it is possible to save this pdf from the data to report node(Birt) with other nodes or a work around workflow. I need something like the Table to Pdf, where i can write like write relative to current mountpoint :

Grateful if somebody can help me !!!

Hi @nora_murtezaj and welcom to the KNIME Community Forum,

I apologize for the late reply.
First, I would recommend using the new KNIME Reporting feature:

It makes it super straightforward to generate PDF reports.

But if you still want to use BIRT to generate reports automatically, you can create a workflow with a BIRT report then call the workflow in another workflow using the Call Workflow (Row Based) node and enable report in the node dialog. This way you will have the report file as a binary object for which you can use the Binary Objects to Files node to export the file.


Thank you very much @armingrudd for you reply !! I will try that and will run the workflow on knime Server with Call Workflow node :slight_smile:


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