Data to Report Node


I want a footer which should be at the end of report giving me the total of a field. The report may range in thousand of pages but the total should be just at the end and not at every page. How can i configure this?

The result should be that after the report, it should write “The total is $xx,xxx”

The “footer” is universal, so I don’t think that is what you are looking for since it shouldn’t be on every page. Can you upload a basic workflow of your report with dummy data?

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Okay so i have figured out the part however the aggregated sum is coming as just a big number and not in dollar format.
like with commas and precision. How do i convert it in the data to report function.

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I use the Number to String (Locale) component for this. Not sure what format your after, but this is super user friendly and covers my typical currency string display needs. A hard one to find online since it doesn’t show up on a search for “currency”… I use it all the time and still had to go into one of my workflows to remember the name.

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