Data to report Node

I am currently using Knime 2.10 version and trying to add a "Data to Report" node to create a BIRT visualization. 

Although i have successfully used in another work flow, currently i am getting the following error message after configuring and executing the node and trying to view open the report

"No to report found in workflow. These nodes porivde the data for the report template. Add a to report in order to use data from workflow within the report template".

Can some one help me understand what the error means as i know the node connected to "Data to Report" node has data.




Note that the Data to Report node does not work for a BIRT visualisation if it's inside a metanode. Is this the case?


Yes its inside a metanode as part of my work flow. Thank you for clarifying on how Data to report node should be used. I will try to configure them outside meta nodes and try again.


Thanks again.

I was able to configure "Data to Report" node and it works and i am able to see BIRT output.



I used a node "Data to Report" but there is not possibility "Open report" in my workflow.

Where could be the problem?



Hello danibe,

In the main toolbar, where the buttons for the layouting, the workflow execution etc are, there is a button for it. It is located between the zoom level and the layouting buttons.


I am using version 4.1 (latest), and there is no such button in that. Please Help me find it.

Hi @06mickey -

If you have the KNIME Reporting Runtime extension installed, you should be able to see a button like this:

Are you certain you have the extension installed?