data transformation similar to reshape/dcast-function in R

Hi @all,

I'm having trouble finding the similar function in KNIME to the reshape/ dcast-function in R.

I am trying to transform a matrix in long.format data with the follwing columns: ID, measurement (1,2,3...), variable (several variable names) into the a wide-format data matrix with: ID, variable1 (+measurement), variable2 (+measurement).

Very much the same like in this article:


Does anyone know if this function is available in KNIME, too?`Or is there a workaround with the "group by" function?


Many thanks in advance for anyone that can help!



I think the workflow in attachement is what you are looking for.

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I am looking for the same thing posted. However, I couldn't open workflow.knime 

Do you mind posting it in knwf format or screenshot may work too? 


The nodes responsible for reshape magic are called Pivot and Unpivot, in an SQL fashion. Alternatively, you can simple use the R integration nodes to use the beloved reshape2, which is indeed one of the best and easiest to use implementations of the said functionality in practically any statistical software package.