Data Transformation

Hy Guys, I have come across a scenario where I am desperately need your help for this as this is an urgent case for me.

Data set looks like this and I need the output like the below.

Could somebody help me with this please?

Hi @psycho, I’m not at my PC this evening but I think if you can upload a spreadsheet with the sample data in your screenshot you will more likely find somebody able to assist.

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Check what you selected about missing values

i hope you did not click “Remove Missing Values”

if you did , please give another approach to the missing value and run again

This is sample data takbb I cannot upload the whole set of data here as it is not convenient

The first image is the data I have receveid and I have to transform them as per the next image.

Hi @psycho ,

I wasnt expecting you to upload an entire data set i simply meant if you want people to help you then you need to upload sample data (in a form that can be copied/pasted), or be willing to retype it, because otherwise they will have to…

Help people to help you


If you wish to, I still urge you to upload some sample data which will make it easier for people (including me) to assist you.


Hello @psycho,

you got some specific output format there. Take a look at attached workflow example.
DataManipulation.knwf (20.0 KB)

Basically a bit of playing with unpivoting and pivoting together with taking care of row order is needed. Give it a try on your dataset and let us know. There are comments in workflow that should make it easier to understand but if any questions feel free to ask.

As @takbb said sample input data is preferred.



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