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Dear all,

I guess I have a very easy task but unfortunately I stuggel to get the data transformed like I need to.

The left hand side is the current data format and I want to get the data in the left hand
Which data manipulation is needed?

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Hi @Vaze and welcome to the Knime Community.

This would be a data manipulation involving Pivot.

Input data (same as yours):

After pivoting:

Workflow looks like this:

And here’s the workflow: Data transforming - vertical to horizontal.knwf (7.2 KB)


Thanks for that!

But how can I integrate my xls file into the Table Creator? Sorry for the stupid questions

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Hi @Vaze , the Table Creator is just a way to manually input data.

You can just use an Excel Reader instead of the Table Creator since you have the data in Excel, or if you already have a workflow that’s reading the Excel file, you just need to use the Pivoting node with your workflow.

My workflow is just meant as an example to help you see how the Pivoting node was configured based on the Table Creator.


Thank you so much

It worked out

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No problem @Vaze , happy to help

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