Data Type Icons in all Config / Monitor Windows

Please add universal data type icons in the Modern UI. Incorrect data types tend to complicate and block the ETL process especially for new users. (For a very basic example: GroupBy can’t calculate Sum on a string column containing all numbers.)

The easier it is to see the data types during configuration or in the monitor windows, the more obvious the issues become.

Icons would also be a more obvious clue (and screen real estate efficient) in the “node monitor” view vs the current small italic font under the Column Name. It should be a uniform platform-wide data type icon as much as possible.

What about the preview and the tab that lists the columns? I haven’t checked it myself as I do not have infinite time so my question might be irrelevant …

As follows some screenshots for reference

Current preview
Data tab

Column Tab

Flow Variables Tab

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In node dialog boxes where columns are listed, it used to be quite handy being able to see the column type besides just the name of the column (i.e. Double, Integer, String). This information has been lost in the newly designed nodes like Column Filter node.
Please can you add back this information.

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Hi @richards99 -

A good suggestion, and one that has been made in a separate thread, so I merged the two together.

Unfortunately there is not yet a way to merge votes when threads are merged, so…

To everyone who is interested in this request, please vote on this thread. (I have a feeling it will be quite popular!)

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