database binary column is returned as string type

How can I get a database query reading a varbinary field to return a binary type?

It is currently returning it as a String type, without any casting on my part.

I am using a Database Reader node, reading a varbinary field from a SQL Server with

  select  binary_field from image_table

I have tried adapting the image example, 01_Data_Access/03_Dattabases/03_Read_and_Write_PNG_Images_in_Databases, pointing it to our SQL server, and the Database Table Selector output gives a String.

I'm using the Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2 for SQL  Server\sqljdbc_4.2\enu\sqljdbc4.jar



Hi David,

did you already try using the Strings to Binary Objects node? 

Best wishes, Iris

Yes, I used it to convert the input string into a binary to load. 

The problem is the Database Reader node is returning a varbinary(MAX) type as a string, and not as a binary. Could there be some conversion being done internal to the node so it doesn't return binary fields? 

The query statement is simple select * from table, no conversion at the SQL level.




I've created a workflow to demonstrate the problem , please have a look. The database connection would obviously need to be changed to run, but the data is kept so you can see the Database Reader is not coming back with a binary column.




The SQL type VARBINARY is currently not handled explicitly and therefore is mapped to string. It's easy to change though, probably even with the upcoming bugfix release.

Thanks for explaining, would really appreciate it if it could be changed. Please do let me know.