Database Connection for Microsoft SQL Server on KNIME

I am trying to connect a Microsoft SQL Server to KNIME. I have tried to use both the Default database connector node and the Microsoft SQL Connector Node. Here are the configuration setups below:

Microsoft SQL Connector:

I have also downloaded the needed JAR files and have them in the correct location

This is the error message I am getting:

What can I do to fix this as I followed all the instructions on the KNIME node page.

If you are using jTDS ensure you have the driver from jTDS and not Microsoft.

or download the microsoft driver from microsoft’s website.

If knime_svc is a windows domain user / service account then you will need to choose none/native authentication. You will also need to ensure you have the sqljdbc_auth.dll file that comes with the microsoft driver in your system path (or the same directory as your JDBC driver) and use the following connection string. jdbc:sqlserver://:;databaseName=;integratedSecurity=true
The username & password option in the connector dialog is for sql server authentication and domain credentials won’t work.
Note:The user credentials utilized will be for the current windows user which I am assumint is not knime_svc. It would be easiest to ensure that your user has the same permissions as the knime_svc account for developing workflows.

Hi @braneev , have you tried downloading the KNIME Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server extension first, and trying with the official driver?

Also, can you confirm that you are able to connect to your SQL Server database from your PC outside of KNIME? That is normally where I would begin troubleshooting connection issues, so you may already have done this, but it is useful to rule out external connectivity issues.

As @seeser has noted, there are different methods to connecting, depending on if you are using SQL Server authentication (username & password option), or “Windows Authentication” (none/native authentication option). Which authentication method is configured on your database?

btw… yes you should use the Microsoft SQL Server Connector, even with the jTDS driver. It supports both the MS drivers and the jTDS. Depending on your uses case one or other of the drivers may work better for you. You may be interested to know that the jTDS driver does have a bug concerning returning DATE datatypes.