Database Connection with Windows Authentification

Hi there,

I am looking for a solution to the following issue (I have just found some hold posts down to 2014, but nothing concerning the following node):

I want to connect my MS-SQL-Database with a Microsoft-SQL-Connector-Node and Windows authentification.
I can’t really find a way to create or add those credentials to the WF.

Could anyone help me with it?

Thanks and cheers.

I think you can achieve this using the Credentials Input node. I think that the Use KNIME Server Login option will give access to the windows login when running locally - not 100% certain though - you may need to reenter the windows password in this case.


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Hi Steve,

firstly, thanks for your fast reply.
I have just tried it, but I don’t have a KNIME-Server yet.
I understand your solution and it will work with the server for sure, but for now, I can’t use it this way.

I guess it could be useful to explain it a little more detailled:
I use a MS-SQL-Database which is defined as confidential. The only way, someone is allowed to access to, is via PKI-certificates, so it’s not possible to get access only by WinUser and password. Nevertheless, we need access with KNIME as well. TBH, I am a bit impatient and don’t want to wait for the KNIME-server. :wink:

Is there maybe a solution to get the WinAuthentification in another way (perhaps a java snippet :slight_smile:)?


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Have you seen this topic?


Hi Ivan,

I have seen the topic, but I didn’t believe that this is the most efficient way, because there is a Microsoft-SQL-Server-Node. It works thanks to your post! :slight_smile:

The only thing, I had to figure out on my own, is the port-definition (actually it is quite simple):

Just enter the Database URL: jdbc:sqlserver://CONNECTIONSTRING;Port=PORTNR;Database=DATABASENAME;integratedSecurity=true

Even I don’t have any problem anymore, it is interesting to know, why it doesn’t work with the MS-SQL-Server-Node.

Thanks to you both!
Cheers Martin

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Hi Martin,
I’m glad it works :slight_smile:
Soon new Database Integration nodes are coming into production (currently they are available as Labs Extension) so maybe this is already addressed.

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