Database connector Try/Catch

Hi Folks,
I’m trying to catch a error from the database connector (Hive). If the connection is not possible then load from a csv reader node. I cant seem to find a Try for the DB ports, just a catch. Is there any work around for this type of error that will try a DB port and if error is caught, load from a data port (csv reader). Image of flow below


Hi 501SCO,
the Catch nodes description states that it requires a try node before the failing node. As the Hive Connector does not have any input port, the only solution i see would be a “Try (Variable Ports)” before the Hive Connector.
Unfortunately we need an input for the Try node (we have to connect a output variable port to it). I tried it with a connection from the CSV Reader, this has the disadvantage that the reader has to be finished before the Database reading can start (see Maybe a dummy node would be better here, if you are using a big CSV file.

However, this will catch an error in the Connector or DB reader node, and will use the CSV Reader instead.

best regards Mareike

Thanks this should work for now!