Database insert from inactive branch?

Dear all,

at the end of the workflow I am going to upload a single line of data into a postgres database by using a "Database SQL executor" node . Within the database table I do have a active counter which should create a ongloing number, which has to be controlled by the database and cannot be generated by KNIME before entering.

Before the upload I am using a emty table switch which should inactivate the branch into the database once the table is emty and should activate a branch which generates a error message

Now the problem:

Etherything works quite nicely, for both cases. The swich activates / inactivates the right branch and sets the database to inactive (red cross)  in case the table is emty.

Unfortunately, the database counter still counts up even if the node sits on the inactive branch and once I enter a new line one  counter entry is missing.

The database upload workflow is wrapped into a node, which interestingly switches to green after execution. All nodes within this wrapping to not have any trafic light as one would expect in an inactive branch.

Does anyone have an Idea how to prevent this behavior.

Hi tungdo,

Can you please post your workflow here so that we can have a look at what is happening?