Database MSSQL Connection error

I am trying to connect to a MSSQL database with server name as:
with a specific login creds and a database name.

If I use a Microsoft SQL Server Connector node it gives me :

ERROR Microsoft SQL Server Connector 0:16 Execute failed: Client driver version is not supported.

How would I go about solving it!

Hi there @shubhamss,

what driver are you using? Make sure you follow instruction from database guide how to register driver properly :wink:


The thing is, it is not local database. The guidelines showcase how to local db mssql db.

ERROR DB Connector 0:17 Execute failed: Selected JDBC driver does not support given JDBC url.

In the description is the Database URL. I made a Python version

which works like a charm.

Hi there @shubhamss,

glad to see you found a workaround! To connect to Azure SQL Database from KNIME check this topic:


Hi @shubhamss,

can you provide little more information on how you configured the nodes (Microsoft Sql Connector and DB Connector)? From preference page everything looks fine so far.

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